Since 2010 I have been combining research, teaching and service by coordinating an after-school program that brings K-5 kids from a school in central Los Angeles together with undergraduate and graduate students to learn while playing and play with learning.

This page introduces the loving pedagogy that guides our work in this program, and shares a bit of what we have learned from this work:

Principles that guide our Transcultural Pedagogy of Heart and Mind:

  1. See from different perspectives and cultivate imaginative possibilities.
  2. Provide opportunities to connect across linguistic and cultural borders.
  3. Cross borders playfully, taking pleasure in transgressive aesthetics.
  4. Encourage experimentation with language forms and functions.
  5. Create room for collaborative, shifting and shared expertise.
  6. See where participants “light up” and become animated.
  7. Encourage understanding and “over-standing”.
  8. Motivate relational literacies.
  9. Nurture buds of development that can grow in different ways. 

Follow the link to read: Love and Animation as Missing Ingredients: A Conversation with Antero Garcia:



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